Magnolia Off-Campus Physical Ed. Application (OCPE)


Woodlands Elite is proud to be recognized by the Texas Education Agency as a “Professional Training Facility” that your athlete may be a part of for the upcoming school year. We have partnered with many local school districts to offer the “Off Campus Physical Education” (O.C.P.E.) program for 20+ years. WE will keep detailed records of each athlete’s paperwork and commitment.
Below are the necessary steps needed to participate in the O.C.P.E. Program:
      1. Submit your school’s Off Campus Physical Education Application to any WECC location front desk.
      2. Review, sign, & date the Woodlands Elite Student/ Parent Agreement Form.
      3. Submit the $75.00 Application Fee to any WECC location front desk. We accept VISA, Master Card, checks, and cash payments.
      4. Each school district has a different set of guidelines and procedures for submission of O.C.P.E. paperwork. Please familiarize yourself with your districts expectations and select the correct options on the agreement form below.
      5. Please make sure that all due dates are written on this application.
OCPE Grading Form Due Dates (*REQUIRED):
Please check which option your district requires for submission:
I understand it is my responsibility to submit the completed School Application form to the WECC front office for approval.
I understand I must complete the initialed WECC student/parent agreement and pay the $75.00 O.C.P.E. fee before receiving signed school O.C.P.E. forms.
I understand that it is my responsibility to stay in communication with Tayler Azar and my athlete’s counselor in regards to all deadlines.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tayler Azar by email at or by phone at 281-681-1253 ext. 100. Thank you!